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Self Employed Accountancy Services

Self Employed Accountancy Services

What better way to take control of your life than by being self employed. Setting up your own company is not terribly complicated but there are certain hoops and a few forms you need to fill in to get the ball rolling. But let's save that for those who have time on their hands – you don't! You want to get the business off the ground, which is where Jonathan and the team can help talk you through the whole process so you can start earning money!

Here's what we'll do to get your business off the ground:

  • Notify HMRC
  • let us advise you on how cloud accounting could help you to develop and grow your business
  • Find out about your business and explore all the tax saving opportunities
  • Help you to keep clear and accurate records
  • Offer you advice on your business expenditure
  • Compile accounts and your Tax Return
  • Send you a birthday card every year

Did you know... that you can set any business expense against your profit as long as it has been incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in running your business. Do not believe the common myth that personal expenses can be used to reduce your tax. So sadly you can't claim for that big wild night out.