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If you're not a born leader, act like one anyway!

Five tips to help you act like a born leader

Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Every successful business owner needs to be so much more than just a manager, they also need to be an effective leader.

Leadership will allow a business to develop and prosper, but why? Every leader has a vision and a goal for their business and if they are able to engage their team and bring them on the journey by motivating and connecting with them, then they are on the route to success.

The following five tips should help you on your way to becoming a leader in your business.


From the front – all your team will look to you for guidance therefore you must behave as a leader. This is your business and at the end of the day all that manifests is because of you. If you want a happy productive team then you need to reflect this, no turning up late and playing games on your laptop. If you falter so does your business.

Invest in your team – you know you believe in your team, that’s why you hired them in the first place. Now you need to show them this, take on board their ideas and suggestions, invest in them with training and responsibility and most importantly show them that you value them, and this does not necessarily have to be in a financial way, just a thank you at the end of the day can go a long way.

Jam sandwiches – so things have not gone to plan, you need to get matters back on track with the team and above all keep them motivated even though you feel disappointed. A productive solution would be what I refer to as the jam sandwich. First of all you give the team some positives to think about before discussing the issue in hand. Always offer a solution and finally another piece of positive feedback. By using this method not only will you have demonstrated your belief in the team but you will also have addressed the issue and now be a position to move on, hopefully learning from the mistakes.

Big cogs – you will need to ensure that you get the maximum out of your team at all times, however if any of them feel that their contribution is not significant it won’t be long before there is an issue. Make sure that everyone knows how important their role is in the business from the sales team, to the factory floor and from the delivery driver to the office team - remember without any one of them the business would not function.

It's not just about the money – although you probably believe your team only require financial support a good leader will be aware that they also need to provide good advice and guidance, along with their personal expertise and experiences. A leader will also provide opportunities for the team to learn new skills and ensure they achieve their career goals.


Running your own business will always come with highs and lows and sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off who is removed from the day to day dealings. A good place to start should be your accountant (providing they offer free unlimited calls as part of the fixed fee) as they are in a good position to advise, with experience of dealing with so many businesses in their career. And if he or she cannot help the chances are they will know someone from their contacts who can help you make the right decision.

Alternatively, you can always pick up the phone and talk to us today.